A little loch action

Had a nice evening last night down on a local Loch. Actually it’s a resevoir I think, but it looks quite a lot like it could be a wild loch in the far north. I’ve never fished any of the lochs near Edinburgh before, but I was meeting up with a pal for a reunion fish and I decided to give it a try.
It was hot hot yesterday and a bit later on it turned into a lovely evening. I had a couple of takes soon after starting to the usual DHS’s fished near static in the film, but missed them due to incompetence (and looking at the hills). Around half eight the fish started to show themselves a bit at the surface, and it didn’t take long to find a few pretty wee fish.

One thing I’ve noticed with these flies is that the fish really do take them with a lot of confidence, meaning it’s often out with the old foreceps to retrieve the fly (greatly helped by barbless…) A good sign of a good fly I’d say.

There was a pretty nice sunset to end the evening.

At least I thought it was the end.. not so as the hoar came rolling through Lothian from off the North Sea. This is a really strange weather phenomenon that anyone living on the east coast of Scotland may be familiar with. A few times a year a particularly warm spell of weather causes cold air sitting over the sea to be drawn over the land (for some reason). Where the two blocks of air mix any moisture vapour condenses out to form a dense fog. It goes from a balmy summer evening to freezing cold in a moment! Here’s a picture looking in almost the same direction as the first. Yes that’s a rise there..!

The fish didn’t seem to mind that much, as I caught a couple more wee ‘uns. Whilst walking out I found a nice scene where an old bit of fencing was sticking out the calm water. Twas a lovely way to pass an evening.


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    nice sunset pic tbh

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    chiz pal.

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