Frustration stations

So I’ve now got a functioning computer again. I’ve got a few fishing trips to write about which I’ll hopefully do in the next wee while. This post is about an interesting trip I had down the same stretch of river as the last post, maybe 6 weeks ago now. I lost the original post in a computer crash which wounded me deep..

Anyway I headed down to the river mid-morning to find some flies actually hatching. Olive uprights if I remember, with a few grannom sedges around as well. Weather was overcast and reasonably warm for the time of year. Bit of a swirling breeze which was to make casting interesting. I took my usual walk down the river from the car, quietly checking out the various pools. I came to a pool I’ve looked at many times before, usually wondering if there were any lunkers. Did the same this time. Only difference was that there were… and at least two of them!

This was actually a really exciting event. You just don’t see big fish very often up where I was. I first guessed they were biggies by the rise forms: confident breaks on the surface, probably taking emerging nymphs. I then performed my best stealth-meister approach through the undergrowth until I was opposite where I thought one of the fish was lying. Peering through the water I got a shock when I saw an absolute cracker slowly patrolling near the opposite bank. Realistic guess is 3 or 4 lb. A couple minutes later a fish broke the surface just a few yards out from me, and I managed to spot him: he was probably 2lb anyway. Not just one, but two really good fish in the same pool, both rising, on the same day. I didn’t see any leprechauns but it wouldn’t have surprised me.

One the far side of the pool a couple of old trees dip into the water. I reckon the fish I saw live under there much of the time, and cannae be bothered to come out unless there’s a real hatch going down.

Did I catch them? Did I bugger. Why not? I’m crap.

To be fair, their rise patterns were damn confusing, so much so that I’m sure they were taking the piss out of me. Very erratic, same as the hatch really. One thing I did notice was they moved a hell of a lot, especially the fish nearest me. Don’t know what he was doing, but he just wouldn’t stay still. He didn’t look spooked, but he just kept shifting positions every few seconds, over quite a bit of water. I simply couldn’t time the right cast with the right wind etc etc as often seems to happen, and I royally ballsed it.

Still I know where they live, and will be back..

I did see some nice trees.

The leaves were not long out then either, and looked pretty interesting in the late afternoon sun.