There be lunkers in there

Headed down to one of my regular stretches of river last night. The weather looked ok: overcast, warmish. Found the river looking very low. Like high summer actually. Spent quite a while watching a couple of moody looking pools. I managed only one good fish out of this whole stretch of river (several miles) last year. Very low (good sized) fish density, but millions of parr.. Still, it’s a nice area and one day I’ll hopefully catch another big fish.

This pool looked particularly good… there be lunkers in there..

I came across a local farmer (rather he came across me) whilst I was performing some extreme stealth-camo stalking of the pool, who probably thought I had problems (fair enough). Had a nice chat with him, after he asked me if I’d “found him” yet. Apparently my extreme river-craft skills had told me right..

No fly life really, so I headed down to find some riffles to have some upstream nymphing practice.

Amazingly I hooked a few fish within a pretty short time. I’m really beginning to get obsessed with this way of fishing..

There was plenty of other stuff to see this evening. These nice flowers really stood out.


  1. Alistair’s avatar

    Hey Mike, that looks pretty small for the river I thought you were fishing yesterday ?

  2. Mik’s avatar

    actually it is the river I mentioned, just pretty far up. I like it because it’s quiet up there and beautiful surroundings. Also the water was really low.

  3. Alistair’s avatar

    Ahhhhh, I see now…looks sweet !

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