Todays guest is…

Here’s a contribution to the fishing diary from my brother.

Yesterday was a day of savage wind, which finally dropped at around
7:30. I was on the river by just gone 8, fishing a well-known stretch
but some less well-known pools.

In about two hours of fishing, six trout were landed from the 6-7 inch
range to a couple of half pounders, including this one:

It fell to a size 14 sedge. I had seen the fish rise once at the head
of a riffle-pool and took it on the first cast. Really good fighter.
That’s what I have noticed about the fish in this part of the river this
season, all have fought hard and swam off with healthy power on release.
Not surprising when you see the size of the tail fin. It looks like a
beavers’, which explains the power with which such a trutta can swim and
maintain itself in a fast current.

Moved upstream, catching here and there. Was a brief hatch which
turned relatively sporadic rises into a kettle for a while, but for some
reason a couple of larger fish would not be tempted by my flies. Had to wade
through a pool about 5 foot deep, an experience made all the more spooky by
the encroaching blackness of the air.

Was a shame to lose a genuine big boy from a pool I’ve overlooked in
the past. Lack of experience really, wasn’t sure how to play it once it
had run 40 feet downstream. Guestimate towards 2lb, certainly 1 and a half.

All the fish fell to sedges.