77ft and counting

The flycasting finally showed a little improvement at the weekend. I set up my 30 metre tape in the local park, and started flailing away with a 4 weight. A weird thing happened: a tight back cast loop. I had previously only heard of such a thing as a rumour from hushed conversations between experto casters, so to see one in the flesh was pretty mind-boggling. And for it to originate from the tip of one of my own rods, WHILST I WAS CASTING IT, was almost too much to take.

The wierder thing was that it didn’t happen for any apparent reason other than that half way through my practice session I turned around 180 degrees from the direction I had been casting in so that the sun was on my face. Suddenly razor tight ones emanated unstoppably. I think there is a sun god, and he likes flycasting.

I managed 77ft on my best chuck. Watching back the video was more encouraging than this slightly meagre figure would imply. I have definitely changed my casting stroke this autumn, the most obvious manifestation of this being there is actually now something approaching a proper stop on the back cast. I think it’s probably got something to do with endlessly watching videos of the ubercaster, and spending a little time with the man himself. My hauling is almost, dare I say it, getting quite tasty. It’s really the tracking issue I’ve got to work on. I reckon with better tracking and a smoother stroke things could get considerably better. If my 5 weight ever gets sorted then who knows…


  1. Alistair’s avatar

    Of course, you do realise all the trout are in around the 20 foot point? 😉

  2. Mike’s avatar

    no no no Alistair, you’ve got it all wrong mate. Actually they’re at 20 YARDS at the closest. Maybe this explains one or two things eh?? You just CAN’T catch fish at 20 feet, they just don’t exist. Trust me, I’ve asked all the famous pals.

  3. Flytimes’s avatar

    Pfffphthhh! Talk to me when you can cast 78ft.

  4. Mike’s avatar


    well I’m hoping to go over 100ft sometime this winter, with a 5 weight, so I’ll let you know..! A little ambitious perhaps but you’ve got to try 🙂

    Tell you what, 100ft is rediculously unneccessary I know, but it’s amazing how much control you have at fishing distances if you can cast a long way.

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