The weather has been angry the last couple of days. Hopefully things will calm down a little tomorrow and I’ll head to the hills once more.


In the meantime, I’ve been sorting through some of my winter bugs. I don’t know when my first trip out for grayling will be, but I’m going to be ready for it. I reckon a couple nights tying up some ammonite nymphs and scruffy tungsten bead hare’s ears and we’ll be cooking.


Most of my winter bugs are of Czech and Polish origins. The Czech nymphs I tie are just like the typical ones described ad infinitum in all the fishing mags. The Polish ones are pretty nice though, and you don’t see as many of these around. They are the ones in the second group down (left side) in the first photo. You need to learn a bit of cross-weaving to tie them, but with a little practice you have a way to tie nymphs that sink faster than you would belive possible.. Last winter I caught a 3lb grayling on a small one of these, so they do work 🙂

Extra points for anyone spotting the slightly less-traditional contributions to my selection.


  1. The Mad Fishicist’s avatar

    Great new look. And your flyboxes are enviable.

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    Nice selection there pal, especially the North Sea Prawns. Chuck and strip springs to mind.

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