Change the rules

Well I think I’ve finally discovered the secret to improving your distance casting. Use a short fly line.

A few weeks ago I reversed my 5 weight DT line on the reel so the horrible greasy, sticky half of the line I’d been using would be at the backing end of things. I also cut off some of the nasty end taper, leaving me with a line probably only 25 yards long.

Today, for the first time, I cast a full fly line. My ego has been given a serious shot of speed. Nothing will stop me now from becomming the greatest caster in the universe. At least with my rules.

I was using my new rod, which I’m beginning to seriously enjoy casting with. It feels fantastically responsive and will make the line do whatever kind of dance I like (and some I don’t). It’s one of the now discontinued Sage XP’s, in a 9′ 5 weight. I spent all my money on it. But I think it might be worth it. One day I might even be able to afford a good reel for it. But you can’t have it all.

In the meantime, I may actually put a proper fly line on it and see if I can cast all of that. We shall see..


  1. opax’s avatar

    What fly line you have in mind?

  2. Mike’s avatar

    Well opax I’m not sure.. I’ve been thinking about getting a really nice line, something like a Scientific Anglers ED. I like double taper lines and this line seems to have the best of both worlds (WF and DT) as well as a top draw taper. I think I will either get one of these or one of the cheaper SA ones.

  3. opax’s avatar

    ED has very interesting profile. Almost like reversed triangle taper.

    I currently have Rio Windcutter #5, but I think that I will go to more general purpose fly line because I change from nymph to dry fly to streamer all the time.

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