March 2007

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It’s March the 23rd, and it’s baltic. Just as we thought, winter has again come 6 months late this year. It looks like no spring, then straight to a long roasting summer and no water. Then rain, unfishably high rivers and the next close season. It’s going to be magic. Welcome to fishing in Scotland, but not as we know it.


I haven’t even been out yet, and the season on some rivers has been open for a week. Unbelievable. It takes something pretty major to stop me fishing like this, even in bad conditions. I hate myself at the moment, because my head isn’t really in the right place for fishing. I need a sledghammer and a pavement.

1) Practice casting so much that you bugger up your elbow.
2) Die.
3) Get married.
4) Practice casting so much that you bugger up your elbow.
5) Get constipation from too much curry. Normally, people associate loose bowels with too much curry. These people simply haven’t eaten enough. Keep going, I’ll see you there.

A wee while back I was musing about the ultimate fly line and leader system. Having been well served by a permanent tapered leader glued into the fly line I was thinking about ways to incorporate fast sinking poly-leaders for fishing streamers. Since then I’ve been around the block and have come to the conclusion that the nice tapered leader is simply the best way for fishing normal wet and dry flies, and there just isn’t a good way to attach leaders with a loop-to-loop.

This season I’m going to fish sinking poly-leaders looped onto an intermediate fly line. This will live on a spare spool dedicated for the job. I think it solves the problems in the simplest way possible, which is of course a good thing. It also leaves my floater un-bastarised and happy to present dry flies without ka-tunking onto the water.


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You don’t have to be masochistic to be into hill walking but it does help. Sitting here typing this (18/2/2007) my legs feel like hunks of steak that have been bashed with a mallet and then left to go off for three weeks. It’s a good feeling, honest and born of hard graft. The fish supper tonight tasted incredible. Nothing satisfies like dinner after a long hill day.


The weather was magnificent today. Sunshine and clear views from the Campsies to Ben Nevis. There aren’t many days like this in a winter walking season. Or perhaps there are but I don’t manage to time my walks very well. The route was the Ben More horseshoe, which is a long walk even in summer. With ice axe and crampons it was quite tough going by the end, but thoroughly enjoyable.
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