August 2007

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Back to the city last night. Rows of flats and concrete roads, no horizon and gazillions of people. Modern life is rubbish. Reports of glory to follow..



In better news, The Stand of Majesty has made it into the national fishing press here in the UK. Trout Fisherman have published a short piece on my closed-season-frustration-fueled creation in their September edition. If you are reading this blog having seen the article, welcome 🙂 In the world of Tamanawis, sheep run the city council and we regularly speak about the size of our rods. If you stick around long enough you’re almost guaranteed to become a better fly angler, and you’ll smell better too.

And lastly, it looks like the 10,000 unique visits milestone is fast approaching. You have come from far (New Zealand) and wide (Canada) to read my mutterings, so thanks for dropping by everyone. If you happen to be number 10,000 you will automatically qualify to enter a draw to buy me some new tackle. Or a curry.

Today I prefer curry.


Do you ever feel like this when you’re fishing? I’ve always wanted to be able to fly.. hard to imagine the freedom. Sometimes I think it’s possible to get pretty close with a fly rod. All that is needed is the flow, the light and a mind in the present and the far.

Yes, today I am feeling pretentious…



Good morning world. I’m currently messing around with my blog template. Again, if you’re reading from a feed, this makes no difference. But if you drop by the proper URL of Tamanawis you’ll see a new layout. I hope it’s ok.


I’m heading off on the annual northern migration next week. Oh the glory. I’m hoping for big fish and beautiful skies. Happy fishing all.

Hi folks, just a short post to draw your attention over to the right there —>

I’ve changed around my links and shoved them into potentially useful sections, including some of my favourite fly patterns. If you’re reading this post in Google Reader or something similar, this doesn’t really mean much of course, but that’s just life.

Have a nice week.

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