November 2007

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Oh dear, it seems I’ve lost all my photos… I’ve been playing around trying to get photos to import from my old Blogger account, but it seems that the new version of Blogger doesn’t like talking to WordPress, so for the moment we’re sans-photos. I may have to go through and manually update everything… First, I think I’ll have to crack open that bottle of Jura.


Stay tuned folks, and if you’re a fellow blogger who happens to link to my blog, it would be incredibly great if you could update your links to point in the right direction. Yes it’s Thanks a lot.

Well, the new site at seems to be working. I’ve updated the old site here on Blogger so that all traffic is now forwarded on to the new domain. If you ever read this blog through an RSS reader like Google Reader or suchlike, you’ll need to update your feeds to the new one which is at:

If you’re reading through the web, well you’ll be treated to an hell of a lot of wierd shit as I update the look over the next few weeks and make things hyper-sweet.


Thanks to everyone who visited my blog here at Blogger. It was a lot of fun, and I hope things will get even better over on the new domain (by the way it’s at in case you didn’t notice…) Please stay tuned, it’s great to have you on board.

Over and out.

More power

Well folks, I’ve taken the plunge and bought up the domain ‘’. This means that the blog can be read from both the old ‘blogger’ address, and by going to either ‘’ or just ‘’. It’s all tremendously exciting, and is almost certain to accelerate the quality of the content 1000 fold, so stay tuned.

It won’t, of course, change the fact that my blog is titled somewhat ridiculously with a word that doesn’t exist and that nobody can remember. However, old habits die hard.

Have a nice weekend,

Whilst studiously working to write up some recent work I came across a really nice set of video clips. They are of the famous Gary Borger, and as far as I can tell they date from a few decades ago. A particular classic is the nymphing video series, which starts here. You can find the rest of the clips here. They are well worth a look.