Gary Borger videos

Whilst studiously working to write up some recent work I came across a really nice set of video clips. They are of the famous Gary Borger, and as far as I can tell they date from a few decades ago. A particular classic is the nymphing video series, which starts here. You can find the rest of the clips here. They are well worth a look.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hmmm….I’m wondering if this has been pulled or is blocked from the US. I just get a generic Hook.TV menu and no amount of searching turns up Gary Borger for me.

    – Kevin

  2. flyfishertc’s avatar

    Thanks for the reference Mike – I can see it from my PC in the UK.

    tight lines!


  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    It is working fine from the US this morning. There may have just been a server problem when I tried yesterday.


    – Kevin

  4. Adrian’s avatar

    Nice find Mike – something to watch during those long night shifts

  5. mike’s avatar

    No probs folks, glad you found them enjoyable.

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