December 2007

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Long hours of quiet meditation. Days of ingesting inordinate quantities of super-curry. With-holding toilet use for three days. There are many things we can do to try to change ourselves. I tried to change, I tried to be a Tuesday-night-tier. I tried to set targets and to stick to them. Ten muddler heads a week, how hard can it really be? Sadly, it just doesn’t work.


I’ve since come to accept that my erratic fly tying behaviour is probably a reflection of something rather unchangeable and hard-wired into my brain. I’ve heard it referred to as ‘personality’, and it ain’t half an arse at times. My newfound zen-like self acceptance means that some kind of permanent solution has had to be found for the issue of fly tying gear transportation. The Stand of Majesty just wasn’t going to cut it on the road, not with all those bobbin antennae. What was needed was a way to transport everything I could possibly need for any possible situation. Fluff, feathers, bobbins, the whole shebang. The system needed to be hardwearing, reliable, small and most importantly, easily transportable. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you… the Far-reaching And Ridiculously Tenacious fly tying System (FARTS to you and I).
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The Robin

The Robin drinks his drink
of water from the well
The Sparrow thinks his think
of how life does him well
The Blackbird skips his skip
around the garden green
And I watch them all
whilst my weary eyes gleam.

I wish it was mine, but the author is a relative. Merry Christmas.

In the spirit of avoiding real work, I’ve spent some time putting up a load of gear reviews I wrote a while back. You’ll find them over to the left, in the navigation menu, under Reviews. At the moment the fishing gear section is empty, but it will be filled up soon enough with insightful comments and thoughts. There are, however, several reviews of hillwalking and camping gear, which may or may not be of interest.


I worked a little bit on the blog this morning, and you can now find a burgeoning list of my favourite books under the page “Books“, which is a permanent link over on the left under the main navigation menu. Needless to say, more will be added as I find time.

Happy reading…