Frosty the Tree

There has been some incredible weather this winter. Wild rain, freezing fog, bright sunshine and snow. One of the most memorable days was the 12th of January. I drove up through the central highlands, and took loads of photos. I thought I’d share my favourite one.


I recently got a new camera, and it’s been a bit of a beauty. Photography provides a nice distraction from winter fishing blues. I suppose taking photographs of rivers is about as close as I can get at the moment..


  1. flyfishertc’s avatar

    Very nice photo. Did you use channel mixer in photoshop to convert to B+W?

    Only 3 weeks left until the trout season opens on the Welsh Dee!
    Tight lines!

  2. opax’s avatar

    That’s brilliant.

  3. mike’s avatar

    I know, the season is coming… Excitement is building 🙂

    I’ve never used photoshop in my life actually.. I’ve been experimenting recently with Lightroom, which works really nice. However, as a Nikon user I’ve been getting best results shooting RAW and converting in Capture NX. Very powerful software.

    I love to photograph with old gear too. My favourite camera (I only have 3 actually) is my old Yashica 124g. Whopping great 6×6 negatives: glorious!

    Thanks for the comment olli. How’s the bamboo coming along?

  4. opax’s avatar

    I’ve split and cut bamboo into 18 workable pieces… Doesn’t look like a rod just yet.

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