The Duck Swims Off

Well it’s been a while coming but I got out onto a favourite urban river three times last week. The first two trips were spectacular failures without even a hint of a fish in the whole river. For the third trip a couple of lucky pals showed me the way to one or two hot spots..

“Hmm… no fish.”

Like a lot of places this season (so it seems) there were a few olives around but the fish were a pretty big no-show on the surface. Through extreme good fortune I spotted a single rise in a wee run close to where my pals were standing and skulked off downstream. I now confess to my sin of fishing the duo successfully and catching him from the eye of the pool on a nymph.

I had one more from a similar run a little further downstream, but all-in-all it was a very difficult day. The Lucky Ones headed off to a wee burn later in the day, but I had an inkling to stay put and spent the next two hours watching brown water slide by, unimpeded by rising trout (ok there was a single rise which I proceeded to target, hook the fish and promptly loose him).

Things can only get better.


  1. The Trout Underground’s avatar

    It’s hell when the weather finally cooperates and the fish don’t. It’s almost as if they’re unaware of their part in the whole enterprise.

  2. mike’s avatar

    Tom I think we should organise a fish conference with you as the motivational speaker (for the fish). Drum up their excitement, get them happy about the part they have to play in our happiness. Sometimes I have the feeling they’re just not motivated enough.

    We could get sponsorship from Orvis too!

  3. The Trout Underground’s avatar

    Interesting idea. Of course, if we could find funding, I’m already on board.

    Of course, it’s sad that it’s come this; the lack of trout participation is a telling commentary on the erosion of personal responsibility values in today’s society.

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