The birds and the leaves

It’s been a wonderful autumn here in the east of Scotland. The rainy August gave way to a bright September, and so far October’s been pretty good too. Blustery, a bit drizzly at times, but full of fleeting blue light which has lit up tree leaves into thousands of wee daylight candles.

No fishing done yet, though I am planning some grayling trips in the next couple of months. All has been very quiet around these parts for the last few months, so if you’re still bothering to check the blog, thanks for visiting. I do hope to get back to more writing as soon as I can.

Sad events relating to a close friend have put some things into hard perspective in the last two weeks or so, which has made updating or doing anything for that matter somewhat trivial. However, I have been out with the cameras, so perhaps Tamanawis will have to undergo a temporary transformation over the next few weeks into a photoblog. To be honest, it was always just an excuse for showing off photos anyway..


  1. Jolyon’s avatar

    I’ve been a quiet follower of your site for some time, and always enjoy it. You’re going to have to ramp up the posting, I think, because your site is bound shortly to get increased traffic:

    But photos pro tem will do fine.

    Best wishes

  2. mike’s avatar

    Hi Jolyon, thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I have been aware of the upcoming film for a few months, and I’m awaiting its arrival (with some trepidation it must be said). Things are going to get busier around here very soon, just waiting for a phone line and internet connection to be established at home.. Have a nice day 🙂

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