Whisky of the month II (January): Old Pulteney 17 Y/O

The Old Pulteney 12 year old has been a favourite of mine for the last year or two. It’s becoming widely available in supermarkets, and can be had for under £20 on special offer. At that price, it’s an absolute belter. I notice that this website rates it very highly indeed.


I recently came into possession of the 17 year old version. This is another wonderful offering from the far northeast of Scotland, a place I normally associate with wonderful landscapes and trout fishing. It’s double the price of the 12, at about £45 from reputable dealers. For me that’s a lot of money to spend on any bottle of juice. But this is a fine, fine juice..

My experience was quite close to the distillery’s tasting notes. Definitely apples in there on the nose. Stick your nose into a good scenting glass, close your eyes and repeatedly inhale.. I get spicy apples and a hint of toffee, maybe some of the butterscotch mentioned in the blurb. I try to avoid reading other people’s tasting notes before I try a whisky. In this case I managed to do so, and still agreed, so I guess that means something.

Very first impression on the tongue..spicy. Wait a few minutes…try again, now used to the alcohol. A beautiful melting of vanila and butterscotch, soft and very, very warm. The slightest, far-off suggestion of smoke. Lingers for a long time. Very, very nice. Mmm…. Got to be one of my faves I think. A really smile-inducing whisky, not at all aggressive like my usual loves the Islays. A really wonderful gift of a whisky, and definitely more interesting than the 12.

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  1. Alex’s avatar

    Hey Mike!

    You truly have become a connoseur of fine whisky. Old Pulteney is quite a unique malt – I always think it has a slight flavour of molasses! And so so warm and smooth – perfect for those windy days on exposed northern lochs!
    Sorry we never hooked up for a grayling bash – most of my trips over the winter ended up in abandoned sessions at the last minute. I do have a new proposal, if you’re still keen on hooking into a sea trout!

    All the best dude


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