Brilliant fly tying videos

I’m sure many folks have already come across this, but for those like me who hadn’t then I’ll draw your attention to Davie McPhail’s YouTube channel. He has a fantastic collection of tying videos on the channel, way more than I’ve seen before and of very high quality. Pretty incredible what you can get for free really, considering what some folks charge for their fishing/tying videos.


  1. alan atkins’s avatar

    Mike , i’ll be going sea trout fishing nex week on the following night:
    Tues, Wed, Thurs, you are very welcome to join me. I’m just back from the other river up north where i had 4 st’s and lost 3. Three of the fish were in the 2.5 – 3lbs , but the fourth was well over 4lbs and fought like a demon! The river is stuffed with them ( very unlike when we were there last season) and there seems to be a much bigger stamp than usual this year with plenty of fish in the 4-5lb bracket. I imagine these are the sea trout that just didn’t materialise last season and spent an extra year feasting at sea!

  2. Tony’s avatar

    Yes, I’ve’ watched several of his videos and they are good quality Particularly like his Hen Blackie.

    Have fun with the Sea-Trout. I shall be on the Clwyd on a couple of nights next week.

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