August 2009

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I’m currently reading a book called Fishing in Wild Places, by David Street. It’s a collection of 12 essays based around fishing, gathered together from a lifetime of fly angling and writing. Although I’m only part of the way through it, I thought it nice to give an advance mention of the upcoming review by quoting one of my favourite passages so far.

It comes from chapter 5, where he embarks on a two week expedition to fish for sea-trout in the windswept Faroe islands of the north Atlantic.

It was then that I had a take from something more like what I was looking for, and after a strenuous contest I netted a fine sea-trout of 3lb to the Bloody Butcher. Perseverence was rewarded, and my first Faroese sea-trout came against all the odds; a fisherman is sustained in the knowledge that the unexpected is only a few casts away. Let him believe this and he will endure almost anything.