September 2009

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Just browsing around a wee bit this morning, and I came across a nice wee clip on the BBC website. It’s about the piscivorous brown trout, known in the UK as the ferox trout.


There’s some nice footage showing one swimming around in Loch Ness, together with commentary by everyone’s favourite gardener, Alan Titchmarsh. Take a look.

Down by the river today. I saw creepy crawlies, daddy-long-legs a-skipping by, and rusty sedges waving in the breeze. Frogs and trees and sun and leaves, I saw them all and stood and waited. The season’s ‘shrooms and last winged olives, they all were there as the shadows lengthened.

But the river stayed brown, and high and coloured, from no matter which angle I looked and stuttered. Perhaps a bugger would have done, but somehow it didn’t seem right. I walked and walked, then turned and tried, to photograph the sight of clouds drifting by in a golden sea of light.