The Secret Life of Chaos

For UK users only (or those with better computer hacking skills than I possess), comes another truly outstanding science program from the BBC. The Secret Life of Chaos. Available on iPlayer until this Sunday the 24th (perhaps longer if you download it), it really is worth watching. Jim Al-Khalili is an excellent communicator, and the program has been superbly put together. If you don’t know anything about chaos (I didn’t know much..), it’s a must.


  1. Ralph Harkness’s avatar

    I think order and chaos started in Genesis Ch. 1 and came to a climax on Easter Sunday morning? From here on we have order, chaos but also choice. Profound but very wonderful.

    1. mike’s avatar

      Hiya Big Man,

      I like mystery, be it chaos or creation. Who really knows the language of the universe?

      When are you going to come and visit Edinburgh?

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