July 2010

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Well after a bit of consideration I’ve opted for a pair of Orvis Pack and Travel wading shoes. Nice and light weight, simple boots, should fit the task nicely. Seems to be Orvis’ cheapest pair of boots. Looking over their other models in the shop yesterday I struggled to find any reason for the heavy, £100 plus options. Only question open to debate is longevity, for which time will tell.

Had to happen really, things were getting out of hand..

‘In the Veyatie burn a man
hooks a trout. It starts rampaging.

And I’m in Edinburgh.

Or so I say.
How easy to be
two men at once.

One smiling and drinking coffee in Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh.

The other cutting the pack of memories
and turning up ace after ace after ace.’

Two Men at Once’ in Voice-Over
Norman MacCaig

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