Hi there,

I’ve just added a link to a guestbook over to the right there —>>

It would be grand if you stop by and let me know where you’re from and make any comments or whatever.



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    Hey Mik,
    I enjoyed looking at some of your photos and reading some of your comments. I stumbled across your blog while on the Internet looking for a definition of “Tamanawis”. I’ve been made curious by the use of the name in David James Duncan’s book “The River Why”. I am a language arts teacher in Oregon, U.S.A and my high school students are reading the novel. We recently attended a public appearance by the author and had a chance to meet him and ask questions. I’m 51 years old, but I’ve been a teacher for only the past four years. Prior to that I spent over twenty years as a fishing guide on several of the rivers here in the Pacific Northwest, so I could relate to much of what the character Gus experienced in the novel. It was almost as if I was reading a story of my own life. Spooky! Gary Enoch

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    Hi Gary,
    thanks a lot for stopping by. That’s really interesting actually. The book is one of my absolute favourites, and is of course where the name comes from. I did a bit of a search, and it seems there are a few places out that way that use the name. No idea exactly what it means though.. David paints such a wonderful vivid picture of the river that I feel like I could have fished it myself. Tight lines and happy teaching!

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