Lovely day

So on Sunday I headed down for the day to a river. It was an absolutely splendid day. If you asked me when I thought the first day of spring was, I would have said Sunday. For the first time a bit of genuine warmth, provided by the glorious sunshine. I was on stream by around 11am, and noticed a good trickle of march browns comming off, together with some large dark olives. I spent some time fishing a hare’s ear nymph below a bushy sedge, and it wasn’t too long before a feisty wee trutta came up and took the sedge, which in actual fact looked like nothing that was on the water (to my eyes anyway). Funny how that happens. I think “ok, I’ll fish a nymph today, because there’s not much moving yet”, and of course the nymph is ignored.. Ho hum.
Eventually a couple of fish did start to take the odd dun off the water with quite splashy rises, and I immediately tied on one of these jobbies and landed a beatiful little fish of around 3/4lb.

I then fished the run for a good while (I know there are plenty fish in there..) but nothing was interested.. or maybe I’d cocked it up and spooked it all. Still, same result either way.
There’s some lovely water where I was.. but nothing really rose after lunchtime.

Certainly this was because nothing much hatched after then, which I was very surprised about. Seemed ideal conditions (always beware of ideal conditions) but the hatch held back.. So of course I did what I usually do, which is sit around and enjoy the sound of the stream and take photos of the bugs I can find.

This guy’s called a large dark olive (I reckon) and is a really important spring fly on the rivers I fish. Actually, I think it’s a female (small eyes), but that’s just getting into dangerously poncy territory.. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a bonny little critter. Something about the upwing flies I just really like. Perhaps it’s got to do with the fact that their appearence may bring on a rise, but I also reckon they’re just damn pretty. (Please come back, I’m really not as odd as I probably sound..)
Finally, I uploaded a short clip to Photobuck, really just to see if it works. Nothing very exciting I’m afraid, but I like it. A few seconds of footage of the flow of the river..