Well I headed down to one of my favourite stetches of stream today. Weather seemed ok to start with: overcast, reasonably warm, south to south west breeze.
Turned out to be a rather slow day. And by rather slow I mean of course a blank. I fished for about 7 hours, using nymphs, spiders (both fished upstream and downstream), dry fly and large meat pies. I saw precisely zero fish, and had zero takes. Still it was smashing to be out of course 🙂
The one thing that did seriously beging to rile me was that by the time I got a bit further up the river it was blowing at about force 8. The stream I was on runs from west to east, so this makes casting upstream (as I like to do) pretty interesting, especially when you are seriously crap at it.
Given the lack of fish, I then decided to practive double hauling (in the gale), but quickly realised that I’m not very good at juggling for a reason. The old hand eye coordination wasn’t quite there today..
Finally I resorted to taking some photos of the myriad of fly life on the river, which of course the truttas weren’t very interested it..


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