Tamanawis does butts

Ok folks, you’ve got to check this out. Nearly wet myself just now as I checked some of the referring links to my blog this week. Turns out, one of my posts is *NUMBER 1* in google when you search for ‘butt rotation fly casting‘. Yes, you heard me right: *NUMBER 1*. (Do I need to say that again?). Late butt rotation is of course one of the corner stones of good loops, so there’s no way to belittle the significance of this search phrase. In fact it may be the most important thing in not just flycasting but peace and love in the entire known universe. At the time I thought I was just making a typical post about my crappy casting. Little did I know what a phenomenon would ensue.

The best bit though, is that the bastion of fly casting knowledge, the place where the best of the best hang out, yes of course I mean Sexyloops, can only manage second place. This is possibly the most exciting thing that’s happened in blogland for old Tamanawis, at least since the crucial 1000 visits landmark was past. Personally, I don’t remember feeling this excited since 6.45am this morning when I sunk my teeth into a cracking slice of toast covered in chocolate spread. Tasty folks, tasty!

Almost as good is that searching for ‘Hare’s Mask Fly Tying‘ gets a link to another post of mine about making your own dubbing mixes from a hare’s mask. Holy shit folks, this is deep.

In recognition of my own recognition of google’s recognition of this blog, I’ve now created a Special Category called The Phenomenon which, from this moment on (oh Shania), will archive all the bigups we receive here at Tamanawis. It might be a short list, but it’s still a flaming list.


  1. opax’s avatar


    BTW: Have you tried searh terms:

    fly fishing bullshit


  2. Mike’s avatar


    that is absolutely brilliant opax, thanks for letting me know! 🙂

    I feel I have achieved something in life at last.

    My only goal now is to overtake that Sexyloops page which is currently beating me on that search phrase. This blog blatently deserves first place in that category, more than any other


  3. LookAtWhatWe'veDoneIt'sOver’s avatar

    Just search for ‘Tamanawis’ and it comes up as no. 1. It’s not too common a word.
    You feel fulfilled now eh pal?
    Not as filled as come about 9 on Friday.
    Oh sick.

  4. Mike’s avatar

    Sick pal, sick.

  5. issover’s avatar

    That’s about literally how it will damn feel. . .
    gota save space for the trade

  6. Mike’s avatar

    I can smell the rogan josh right now.. Peshwiri nan..

    oh sick.

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