Reel to Reel

Back in December gear lust got the better of me. Having recently got a rather nice fly rod on the ‘cheap’, a conversation with a certain pal of mine put me in mind to get a really good reel to go with it. I was looking for something that would take both a four and a five weight line, so I could use it with my wee rods. After one of those hazyily remembered trips down to a fishing tackle shop I found myself the owner of a rather lovely Vosseler DC3. It made an amazing sound when you turned the spool, and oozed quality German workmanship. Only problem was the weight. I reckon for a six weight rod, it would have be fine. Great, even. But for my five weight wand, and certainly for the four weights, it just wasn’t right.


I spent a week standing with it mounted on the rod, balancing it and trying to convince myself it was as light as my old cheapo reel. I’m usually quite good at this kind of thing, but in the end the power of truth won out, and so the shiny new kid on the bloc has been returned. Money in the bank is good, it means food and bills. Casting the rod with my old cheapo Shakespeare Condex, everything feels strangly right now. I’ve returned to old faithful, and I won’t desert her again (maybe). I know I’m not a bling master, at heart. A quality rod is one thing, rediculously expensive reels are just pure endulgence. What you want is a good hat. About 50 times cheaper than those reals, and lots more useful. That’s real fishing gear for you.


I’ve just started a stopwatch, to time exactly how long it takes before I completely ignore these sound musings, and buy a nice reel.


  1. opax’s avatar

    That hat… It’s perfect!
    (But I don’t think that I would wear it.)

  2. Alex’s avatar

    hmmm. Reel 2 Reel

    Did they not have a hit in the early-mid nineties with ‘I like to move it’??

  3. opax’s avatar

    Have you considered Shimano Biocraft xt large arbor fly reel? It looks every bit as high tech as Vosseler DC3 but it is lighter.

  4. Mike’s avatar

    I did take a look at the Biocraft. Nice reel. But I think it I’m going to get a good reel eventually, it’ll be one of those daneilssons, probably the FW. Look really nice and very robust.

    As for reel 2 reel, well, I wouldn’t know about that sort of thing Alex.. 😉

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