Back from the dead

The new season started three weeks ago on some of my rivers. In the spirit of current times though, a sudden batch of cold weather seems to have pushed everything back a good bit. Last weekend I was out with some pals on a favourite bit of water. It was bright and breezy, but the general weather situation was cold air dribbling down from the north east. Apparently this isn’t very good for encouraging spring rises because the olives nick off too quickly from the surface. I don’t know if this is true, but the trout certainly seemed to think so. Despite some march browns, dark olives and loads of stoneflies there was narry a rise all day.


Yesterday and another river. This stretch was new for me, but clearly has potential as a big fish water in spring. The weather was bright once again, but this time the air also had a tinge of warmth. The water temperature seemed ideal and the level was very low. No rises again. Perhaps I missed the rise as I only got there after 1pm, but the other anglers I spoke to also seemed to have found things difficult. I searched the water with a wee olive emerger, and managed two modest trout and a nice lunker grayling. Incredible really: a shockingly bad winter grayling season and then I catch a cracker on a dry on the first day of the trout season.



I especially like that underwater shot. I used my new underwater housing, which seems to be a very good buy. Perhaps there’ll be a review sometime.



Before last weekend I had been getting a little worried about how The Rod was going to fish. It’s been great for learning to cast, and it seemed to feel right in my hand. But six months without fishing and I was getting worried. Maybe it would be too fast for me.. Would it feel like killing a duck with a bunker buster? Well I’m delighted to report that I’m in love. She casts and fishes like an absolute beauty. I think I’m going to struggle to go back to my softer rods. I know this might just be a fishing phase, but for the moment fast is good. Yesterday there was a period of about half an hour when I was in a new zone. Fishing up through a nice riffle the fly zinged out every time and plopped perfectly down. For the first time ever I felt like I knew what I was doing with a fly rod. The spey casts were the most fun, and I’m now convinced these will be very useful this season. If nothing else, it’s something to do between catching fish. This is important because I don’t catch that many.



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    Nice read. I always look forward to your posts.
    I have had your link up on my blog for around 5 months now and was wondering if you would mind putting a link to mine on yours.

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    Mike. Did you die again? Come back!

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