Homecoming and the Stand of Majesty

Back to the city last night. Rows of flats and concrete roads, no horizon and gazillions of people. Modern life is rubbish. Reports of glory to follow..



In better news, The Stand of Majesty has made it into the national fishing press here in the UK. Trout Fisherman have published a short piece on my closed-season-frustration-fueled creation in their September edition. If you are reading this blog having seen the article, welcome 🙂 In the world of Tamanawis, sheep run the city council and we regularly speak about the size of our rods. If you stick around long enough you’re almost guaranteed to become a better fly angler, and you’ll smell better too.

And lastly, it looks like the 10,000 unique visits milestone is fast approaching. You have come from far (New Zealand) and wide (Canada) to read my mutterings, so thanks for dropping by everyone. If you happen to be number 10,000 you will automatically qualify to enter a draw to buy me some new tackle. Or a curry.

Today I prefer curry.


  1. Trout Underground’s avatar

    Congrats on the 10,000 mark. Given your writing skills, you should follow the Stand of Majesty with something darker and edgier — maybe The Fly Rod of Futility or The Nymph of Armageddon.

    We’re just saying is all.

  2. flyfishertc’s avatar

    I liked your piece “Stand of Majesty”.
    Tight lines!

  3. - Mike -’s avatar

    Well tom let’s just say there are one or two things in the pipeline… 😉

    Thanks for the comment ‘flyfishertec’. I like your site, and I’ve added a link from my blog.

    Tight lines also!

  4. Jorge’s avatar

    I agree with you. Good post.
    Thank you for the link to my blog. I’ve just added also a link from my blog.

    Bye from Spain !!

  5. Quantum Moxie’s avatar

    Improved smell, eh? I read somewhere (a discussion board somewhere perhaps?) that some fellows who live up north of me a bit (that translates to a 4-5 hour drive north for those unfamiliar with Maine) don’t shower most of the summer since, apparently, natural body odor repels mosquitos (of course, I never encountered any mosquitos in Scotland, but there were plenty of midges). Also, apparently, the spouses of said fishermen force them to sleep on the couch most of the summer. I, on the other hand, simply use copious amounts of DEET (of course, I may die a hideous death from all that DEET sometime, but, for now it works…).

  6. - Mike -’s avatar

    Hi quantum. Great to have you stop by. I am in fact a fellow ‘physicist’, so it’s nice to see there are other such folk into flyfishing.

    I’ve heard similar such things about repelling midges also… But I find that you basically just have to wear a ‘midge net’ or not bother fishing when they’re really bad.

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