More power

Well folks, I’ve taken the plunge and bought up the domain ‘’. This means that the blog can be read from both the old ‘blogger’ address, and by going to either ‘’ or just ‘’. It’s all tremendously exciting, and is almost certain to accelerate the quality of the content 1000 fold, so stay tuned.

It won’t, of course, change the fact that my blog is titled somewhat ridiculously with a word that doesn’t exist and that nobody can remember. However, old habits die hard.

Have a nice weekend,


  1. flyfishertc’s avatar

    I also plumped for the option of buying my own space and having a hosted blog-site that facilitated publishing tools. Must say I have been very impressed by my web-site host – very responsive.

    Look forward to a Winter of article writing and blogging and also reading your material.

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  2. Shane’s avatar

    This blog from the home of my ancestors is really nice and I thank you for linking me to it.
    Shane Stewart
    The Quiet Pool

  3. Alistair’s avatar

    Mike, can I suggest you get yourself some dedicated hosting now….you can then use WordPress and transfer all your posts over !


  4. opax’s avatar

    There are some of us who remember. But don’t worry Mike, we won’t tell anybody.

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