Gallery and about

Well folks, as if writing insightful, humorous and curry-pumping blog posts wasn’t enough, there’s now a new and exciting Gallery page to behold. I’m hoping to greatly expand this section of the site in the coming months (with the tiniest possibility of offering some of them for sale as prints..) so watch oot.

At the moment there are six sections covering a wee selection of my photographs. Most of the photos won’t have appeared on the main blog either, so why not head over and check it out.

I’ve also updated the About page so you can learn all you need to know about your hard-working blogger. Have a great weekend.


  1. Tony’s avatar

    I particularly liked the pics of Paris.
    Tight Lines

  2. mike’s avatar

    Hi tony,
    that’s very nice of you. Thanks for dropping by,,

  3. Jorge’s avatar

    The gallery is great, the trouts are really nice.

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