At the moment I’m getting more and more interested in photography. My new dSLR has really opened my eyes, and now I’m photographing more with my old manual gear too. During my internet browsing I’ve come across a few great photographers, but Bruce Percy has stood out as particularly excellent. Have a look at his site here. He seems to be based in Scotland, but his photos are from all around the world. Well worth a look.


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    Mike – nice blog! You might be getting some more North American fly fishers these days after Buster posted a link.

    There is a Pacific Northwest fly fishing community site called Westfly that has quite a few photographers as well. Check out the monthly ‘Arts & Crafts’ thread on the forums:


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    Hi Jason,

    thanks very much for stopping by and posting a comment. It’s always great to get visitors from around the world. I noticed the post by Buster, which is just grand 🙂

    Some lovely photos on the board there. I’ve long been a fan of Westfly.

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