Wonderful fishing quote of the day..

I recently started reading `How To Fish‘ by Chris Yates. It’s actually not about ‘how to fish’, and it’s not even about fly fishing, well at least not principally. It’s main subject is coarse fishing, particularly for perch, but the essence of this seems to be utterly identical to fly fishing.

I’m up to chapter 6, and it’s already quite clear that it is a really beauty of a book. Chris has a wonderful style of writing. It is deceptively simple, but also extremely elegant and insightful. The best thing I can say is that he seems to be able to communicate a feeling which gets somewhere close to one’s soul. I’ll try and write a proper review when I’ve finished, so for the moment I’ll leave you with a wonderful paragraph.

“…fishing offers a dimension where, even if you don’t cast very far into it, you can be free of the wired-up world and suddenly in touch with an equally complex, less concise but deeper-rooted reality. The simpler your approach the more intimately you’re involved; uncluttered by a barrow-load of equipment, untroubled by the passage of time, hopefully undisturbed and often unambitious, you rediscover the art of improvisation that you mastered as a child, and as you become more absorbed in the watery surroundings you begin to notice details – the bending of a reed, the forming of a ripple, an abrupt stillness – that gradually join up to create an event that you may be part of. “


  1. Joe Pych’s avatar

    wow… that passage captures the essence of fishing for me. I spend all day in front of a computer (like now ;-). Fishing lets me clear my head. Thanks for the tip on this book!

    – Joe

  2. Alistair’s avatar

    Oh Aye,

    “The simpler your approach the more intimately you’re involved; uncluttered by a barrow-load of equipment”

    How much gear do you carry around with you ?

  3. mike’s avatar

    Well my friend, I’m making a concerted effort to carry less..

    I suspected that you might pick up on that one.. and to be fair you’ve got a point. But I still think that when you look at it fairly, we’re still carrying gear at a level which allows us to walk around all day with 2 free arms and cast hundreds of times.

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