A new blog to read

Right then, the long-awaited blog by one of my good pals has gone online. Actually, it’s been running for more than a month now, but I only just noticed it. Take it from me, this one will be well worth reading. Find it here:

Turning Over Small Stones

The author used to live close to me here in Scotland, but has now buggered off to the USA. Trout and grayling all over the UK have been having a party to celebrate. Eccles, as he is now apparently known, likes cakes, streamers, dry flies and occasionally (masterful) nymphing. He’s a master with the trout, though still has some way to go with large grayling (ask his wife…)


  1. Ralph H.’s avatar

    Dear Nephew, Good to see you are still ‘at it’ even if your friend has ‘buggered off’ to the usa. How does one do that without getting arrested? One of these days I will need to come to Bonnie Scotland and let you take me out fly fishing. It always sounds ‘yawn’ but your photos are always well worth a look. Keep on plodding with the thesis, it will be worth it. Regards as ever U. Ralph

  2. mike’s avatar

    Dear Uncle,

    many thanks for visiting and taking the time to post a comment. Sorry for the slightly frustrating process of having to fill in the boxes, but I’ve had a lot of problems with spam. As much as I enjoy receiving offers of well-priced prescription drugs, it got a bit boring.

    Anyway, it would be my absolute pleasure to take you out fishing when next you come up to the Motherland. A nice relaxing afternoon on a boat perhaps, gently casting out flies for quick, beautiful wild brown trout. Once you try it, you’ll realise the meaning of contentment (if you haven’t found it already of course). One of my good pals here in Edinburgh also wants to try sometime now. Fishing evangelism: it’s not exactly my parents work, but perhaps related 😉

    The thesis is in a right state, but getting there, thanks for the encouragement. It’s pretty much wiped my fishing season off for this year though..

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