Busy times…

Times have been busy and not a little challenging at Tamanawis HQ of late. End of thesis, a flat move, job hunting and a few other things have severely limited time available for bloggy matters. However, all is not forgotten or lost. I do enjoy writing the blog and will dedicate some real time to writing when I get a working internet connection at home…

A recent comment pointed out the imminent arrival of the hollywood production of the book The River Why. I may make a post about this at some point, but suffice to say I’m a little worried about this fact… The original book gave rise to the name of the blog, and is full of subtlety and deep character examination. I’m not sure how possible it is to transfer that to the screen, particularly a hollywood production-type job. My only reassurance comes from the fact that David James Duncan, the author, has contributed to the screenplay.. here’s hoping.


  1. The Trout Underground’s avatar

    No need to apologize, a free blog like this is simply a gift after all.

    Looking forward to more as it comes.

  2. Bjorn’s avatar

    The film version of The River Why is indeed coming out. I’m lucky to have had a chance to meet the producers and read the screenplay. There are some real departures from the book, some things that weren’t included and a few things that were added in. It has to be that way when folks make a movie from a book. I think they did a good job, at least on paper and I look forward to seeing the final product.

  3. mike’s avatar

    Hi Tom, thanks as always for kindly dropping by.

    Bjorn, thanks for the comment. I’m hoping against hope that it turns out well, I really am. Have a nice day.

  4. Tony’s avatar

    Hi Mike
    I am not very optimistic as most screen adaptations don’t do justice to the book. But perhaps we should just accept it as different, rather than compare?

  5. mike’s avatar

    Hi Tony,

    Sceptical, like a true Brit 😉

    I suppose the best we can do is as you say, to accept the difference. I know a lot of folks who love the rivers run through it film, most of which didn’t even know it came from a book. Who am I to decry that? Only time will tell I suppose.

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