Fishy stuff

From BBC online comes another story about the flagging fish farming sector. Apparently there’s going to be a whopping cash injection from the EU to stimulate a ‘stagnent’ industry. Hmm… where have I heard that before?

I find it incredible that such reporting seems to completely blank on the real problems of fish farming. It’s incredibly ironic that an article which speaks of the problems of ‘not enough fish in the sea’, completely ignores exactly what goes into producing farmed fish. Industrial scale dredging of sand eels to produce farmed salmon and trout feed is just one example. What happens a few years down the line when the sand eels have all been fished out?

The implicit tone propagated by most BBC and other media articles about fish farming is that it is a perfect solution to the problem of overfishing the oceans. How is the average person ever going to find out about the real cost?