Evening, Gullane beach


  1. Cutthroat Stalker (Scott C)’s avatar

    Lovely pictures!

    Regarding your previous post, I think your idea of learning one new tree per outing is an excellent idea!

    -scott c

  2. alan atkins’s avatar

    Mike, the fish are in the river i fish in numbers. My buddy had 7 and lost 3 on Monday , early am. All fish were between 3 and 4lbs !! Its catch and release until the end of June, but if you’re keen to go up before then i’ll be making a cople of exploratory trips and you’re most welcome to join me, just get my contact details form Alistair.

    1. mike’s avatar

      Hi Alan,
      that sounds pretty exciting. Have you been up yet? I’m working most of the week now, but I’m very keen to give it a go again if I can schedule it. The forecast for next week doesn’t look great though, cold and easterly..

    2. Tony’s avatar

      Great images
      Tight lines!

      1. mike’s avatar

        Cheers Tony, tight lines to you as well. Hope you’re getting some good fishing in this year.

      2. alan atkins’s avatar

        Mike , i’ve not been up due to the catch and release restrictions but my buddy, Christopher, has had good sport averaging 4 or 5 a night with fish up to 5lbs!! Iam just back from my favourite northern river ( the one you visited with me last season) and i caught 2 nice sea trout and 2 salmon, both about 9lbs!! Iam quite happy to go up and fish the local river aand return fish , if you are into it? However, permit prices are £45 per day and if i were you i would not pay that for c and r, so perhaps we should wait until the 1st of July when you can take a fish for your hard earned and conditions may have improved by then. In the meantime, i’ll be concentrating on targeting them in the salt and on our favourite urban river where i saw 3 salmon last nite, all in the mid teens , very encouraging !!!

      3. mike’s avatar

        Mid teens..! Strewth, that’s interesting reading….

        Has Christopher been fishing the more local of the rivers then, on C&R?

        4 or 5 a night sounds more like it!

      4. alan atkins’s avatar

        Yes Mike, he has. He lives a lot closer to the river than i do, so he can easily pop down for a couple of hours and not have to face the long , lonely frive home at 3am. So, what do you reckon, i’ll be fishing the river hard on the 30th June ,1st, 2nd and 3rd of July (nights), so join me if you’re free, you’d be most welcome

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