Spring cleaning.. sort of

I’ve been meaning to ‘upgrade’ my fishing/general pottering camera for a wee while. After much research I’ve now got a lovely Canon S90 to replace the Fuji F10 I’ve been carrying around for the past 4 years.

First impressions are outstanding. It’s low light capabilities in particular are a good stride away from what I’ve grown used to in a compact camera (the sensor is great, but even better is the f/2 lens). Only thing left to do now is replace my aging (and leaking) waterproof camera bag to protect it from inevitable dunkings.. For some bizzare reason though, the best looking one I’ve found, the Simms Dry Creek, doesn’t include a shoulder/neck strap.

If any reader has come across a well-padded, small and waterproof camera case I’d much appreciate hearing from you.