Well after a bit of consideration I’ve opted for a pair of Orvis Pack and Travel wading shoes. Nice and light weight, simple boots, should fit the task nicely. Seems to be Orvis’ cheapest pair of boots. Looking over their other models in the shop yesterday I struggled to find any reason for the heavy, £100 plus options. Only question open to debate is longevity, for which time will tell.

Had to happen really, things were getting out of hand..


  1. Cutthroat Stalker (Scott)’s avatar

    I don’t know, there is something about the old pair that really speaks to me. That “real” fisherman look. The manliness of it all.

    Don’t let your mates catch you with the new booties until they’re worn in. In fact, maybe take some sandpaper to them, bury them in the yard for a few days. Then wrap some duct tape around them randomly.

    I hope they wear well.

    -scott c

    1. mike’s avatar

      I know what you mean Scott.. Having now used the new ones however, I can confirm that they’re headed in the right direction (dirty, abused, soon-to-be missing bits..)

      The new boots are also a touch heavier and seem to hold on to water a bit more than the last pair.. The pain of ‘upgrading’…

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