News interruption

We interrupt the current spate of news items (including but not limited to, Wikileaks leaking, snowy winter, forgetful coalition partners etc..) to bring readers’ attention to a truly important piece of news.

Glasgow wins title of Curry Capital of Britain.


  1. Eccles’s avatar

    service and …. ye gods … cleanliness? What about my old stomping ground Brick Lane in not so dear old E2. Service = excellent (as most of the waiters were kids from the school I taught in, worried I might report them for underage errrr waitering or something); cleanliness = hmmm; standard of food = ……… actually now I come to think of it ….Well done Glasgow!!!!

    1. mike’s avatar

      I’ve never had the pleasure of a Brick Lane curry, but the idea of being served curry by one’s students seems either really great, or potentially disastrous…

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