Tamanawis = … (are you joking..?)

Well seeing as everyone else seems to be talking about it, I don’t want to feel left out. One of the largest fishing tackle mail order companies in the UK, fishtec, have done a nice thing and brought a little attention to a few of the UK-based fly fishing blogs with a post (on their own blog) called “Fly fishing blogs to be reckoned with“. It’s a really nice list.

7th on their list (I haven’t decided if order is important yet, probably is given that Alistair seems to be leading the pack, fearless blogging leader that he is) is Tamanawis. Thanks very much fishtec, it’s much appreciated.

However, while I am indeed thoroughly grateful for the kind words, I do have to question the logic behind pointing hopeful readers in the direction of a quiet, infrequently updated blog full of random photo posts (also known as filler), and clearly surviving on past glories (a la Sheffield Wednesday, my poor old team…) and with little hope of things looking up (for at least another 5 months). Still, nothing like a bit of mutual back scratching to get through a Thursday afternoon.


  1. The Trout Underground’s avatar

    I planned to write some kind of \”no really, you deserve it\” comment before I found out you were a Sheffield Wednesday supporter, which suggests you need therapy far worse than you need a little genial support (I can remember when Wednesday were in the Premier league).

    Seriously, the stuff you post is great – no matter when you post it.

    1. mike’s avatar

      🙂 what can I say Tom, hard times for us Wednesday aytes.

      And thanks for the kind words, they do mean a lot coming as they do from the Commander in Chief of the fly fishing blogosphere. Have a great weekend.

    2. The Trout Underground’s avatar

      “Commander in Chief”??

      Now I’ve got to locate braided shoulder boards and a riding crop…

      1. mike’s avatar

        I suggest a white stallion, perhaps with tassels.

      2. Paul R’s avatar

        Wednesday need a lot more than 5 months!!

        1. mike’s avatar

          Paul R: that\’s a definite NSS (no sh!t Sherlock)…!

        2. Ralph Harkness’s avatar

          Tom is right, not only about Sheffield Wednesday but this could also be said about the whole world of football. What a mess! Better to stick to fishing and your excellent pictures. No wonder this weeks anti spam word is ikea – reminds me of a cheap store that sells rubbish, just like football I suppose!


          1. mike’s avatar

            Football is a bit like any passion I suppose. Totally mad, hard to understand at times, frustrating but endlessly interesting. Hmm..sounds a bit like fishing…!

          2. Ralph Harkness’s avatar

            Hi, Since the wonderful news of your forthcoming wedding you have gone very quiet, not like you. Have you become like all us other wedded men, subject to another authority??????????

            CONGRATULATIONS. We are all coming to the wedding, all 2000,000 of us.

            1. mike’s avatar

              Hiya, very nice of you to say so, thanks a lot. I’m fighting the impending doom of becomming like every other man, but it’s a slippery slope. I suppose also that every man comes to a time in his life when he realises that he’s not got anything to say… I’ve also not been fishing for 4 months which doesn’t help..!

            2. Mark Grimes’s avatar

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            3. Carp Rods’s avatar

              Yes FishTec are great, i have been using them to buy my carp fishing and fly fishing tackle for several years, never had a problem.

              Thanks, Clive.

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