Closer to home…

… there are lochs a-plenty and even some trout if you persevere.

Grabbed a quick evening last weekend while up in Assynt. God’s country if ever there was. Easterly breeze, cold, and 3 hours without a sign of a fish. Going through the motions, enjoying the light and land more than the casting. Last cast (actually a genuine last cast) at the end of the loch and suddenly the line is pulling away, deep into the pale peaty water. A fly of improvised tying, butcher-like with some extra tassles. Probably didn’t matter anyway, but what did matter was that it sat on the edge of the mouth of a beautiful brown trout.


  1. TC/The Trout Underground’s avatar

    That’s some seriously nice stuff. Glad to hear your trip to the USA went well.

    1. mike’s avatar

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for dropping by. Somehow your comment got burried in my spam folder, sorry about that. I really enjoyed the States, it was terrific fun.


    2. Allan’s avatar

      Nice trout sir! And yes I agree, It really is God’s country up there.

      Cheers, Allan.

    3. Matt’s avatar

      Lovely big bruiser of a loch trout there Mike. A beautiful part of the world, you are very lucky.


    4. mike’s avatar

      Thanks Allan, glad you agree.

      Matt, it is certainly a great part of the world. Even nicer when the wind blows and the midges disappear…

    5. Alistair’s avatar

      I totally missed this post – great trout Mike!

      1. mike’s avatar

        Hiya Alister, thanks a lot, it was the nicest trout of the year I think. Nice to see you got out down by the Lakes, looks like a terrific trip.

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