Pink salmon

…which shouldn’t really be in the Tweed system. Via the BBC:

River Tweed plea to kill humpback pink salmon.

Not sure the whole ‘humpback’ thing was necessary in the title but it does add a certain medieval, get-them-in-the-stocks sort of feel.


  1. JP2’s avatar

    …saw this bit on the Trout Underground site,so I thought to get a ‘native ‘ POV on it….We’re having a monster run of ‘pinks’ or humpys here in Washington State and I had no idea they were being farmed on your side of the pond. That’s the only way I’d think a Pacific species of salmon could get there as,well, they don’t fit in the overhead bin on a plane to well and with all the airport security and I.D. needed they couldn’t just buy a ticket,could they?
    We do have a very small (so far) population of atlantic salmon here in the Pacific NW due to escapement from Canadian fish pens and they a ‘harvest on sight’ catch. Don’t know if this merits the panic the press gives it,but if a river can support one kind of fish,why not another?

  2. mike’s avatar

    Hi JP2,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Perhaps I misread things but I didn’t think any Pacific salmon were being farmed over here. Certainly all the farms I’ve ever seen or heard of in Scotland farm Atlantic salmon. I’ve heard of the odd pinkie being caught over here before. Hard to imagine they’ve come from the Pacific basin, but I’m not sure how else.

    I had no idea about the Atlantics in your PNW waters, that’s a bit crazy really. I suppose the concern here is whether there are runaway unexpected consequences of this kind of thing, a subject about which I have to plead ignorance.

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