Old trout memories

The season ended a few weeks ago now, so it seems like an good time to look back and remember nice days on the river in spring sunshine. Perhaps it will help make the coming season seem less far off. Or it might just make it seem an age away.

All the same, the two video clips below are from the same day of spring fishing on a favourite stretch of river back in April 2009. Scores of March browns coming off the top, plenty of rising trout. One of them even ate my deer hair sedge, and turned out to be the largest sea trout I’ve ever caught. Somewhere around 4lb I seem to remember. Slightly wobbly video, but I was combating the competing urges of returning the fish asap and getting a bit of footage of a rare moment (for me anyway).



  1. Matt Eastham’s avatar

    Great clips Mike. The first one is an antidote for the winter blues and if you don’t mind I might re-visit occasionally during the coming months!

    1. mike’s avatar

      Hi Matt,

      Glad you found it an antidote. Amazing the psychological dip one can feel at this time of year.. Those spring days full of hope seem a way off. At the same time, lots to look forward to, perhaps even some winter grayling at some point.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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