Tamanawis and The Wogan

Wow, two posts in one evening, a bit extreme I realise, but trust me it’s worth it.

A few months ago someone from the Media Trust contacted me via my thrilling Vimeo channel to ask if they could use some of my incredible, mind bending time lapse footage for the title sequence of an awesome new TV show thing. Having signed my videos and kidneys away I forgot all about it, until this evening the kind lady got in touch to ask for my kidney.


I also discovered that one of my sequences made it into the final edit. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the real kicker is that it’s separated in time from the appearance of The Wogan’s face by barely 5 seconds! Tamanawis and The Wogan, bonded like brothers and teaming up to promote, and I’m quoting now, “…the most inspiring stories from your communities … across the UK.” Seriously, check out the first 20 seconds of the latest episode, conveniently embedded below. Apparently these episodes go out on the Community Channel, but my lack of a TV makes verifying this a bit tricky.

Playing back the title sequence a few dozen times and in slow motion (I encourage you to do the same) I can even notice the distinctive camera wobble between some of the frames. Ah what fond memories of sitting there on the side of the Pentlands in a howling gale, desperately trying to give meaning to my life and hold the tripod steady. It was certainly worth it as I feel The Wogan and I will change lives with this. Look, the latest episode already has 134 views.

At this stage I can’t reveal whether The Wogan and Tamanawis will be again joining forces for any future charity work. However, I can confirm that my agent is pursuing several other possible projects involving celebrated TV personalities such as Michael Parkinson, The Hoff and wee Pat Nevin. I am open to other approaches, but must stress a preference for working with personalities whose names involve a The.