It isn’t exactly Beethoven, but hopefully you’ll get the message.

Reconnect from Mike Tamanawis on Vimeo.

Less than a month until it’s time to reconnect with the flow…


  1. TC/The Trout Underground’s avatar

    Did you score this yourself? Nice work.

    1. mike’s avatar

      Hey Tom, long time no hear. Hopefully things will be a little more active around here this season.

      The music is a short extract from an improv piece I recorded last week in on my ancient living room piano.

      Take care,

      1. TC/Trout Underground’s avatar

        The Trout Underground is on life support and I’ve cut my online time back, but I’m always checking up on you via your RSS feed. Worth it.

      2. Regular Rod’s avatar

        If Beethoven had been a fly fisher he would have appreciated the work…

        Your message of reconnecting is most apt.

        1. mike’s avatar

          Thanks a lot RR, all the best for April 1st.

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