Good day, I am Mike. I am a fly fisherman. I live in Scotland. I love to walk in the hills, to breathe clean air and to eat wonderful curry. You will find all of these loves coming through as themes of Tamanawis, and I hope you enjoy reading about them.

I started this blog back in April 2006. My good friend Alistair over at the Urban Fly Fisher blog was my inspiration. His blog is the longest running fishing blog on the internet, and he had been encouraging me to start my own for quite a while. Since then there have been more than 13,000 unique hits, and traffic continues to grow. I’m eternally grateful to Alistair, and to Tom over at the Trout Underground blog, for pointing visitors in my direction. Quite a few other blogs link to me as well, for which I’m also very grateful.

If you are a new reader, head over to the ‘Blog highlights‘ page, where I’ve picked out a few posts which I hope will give you an idea of what things are like around here. If you like what you read, stick around, eh?! There are also some reviews of fishing and hillwalking gear over on the ‘gear reviews‘ page, and a selection of essential books on the ‘books‘ page. A full overview of everything on the blog can be found on the ‘sitemap‘ page.

I’ve found that writing about my fishing and walking has helped me to develop a deeper appreciation of the beauty and joy to be found in such pursuits. It also provides a near-permanent record of my adventures, which is rather nice. The biggest accolade the blog has had so far has been an appearance in the magazine Trout Fisherman. They ran a small piece on my post about the Stand of Majesty (I think it was the August 2007 edition). Exciting stuff..!

River fishing is my greatest fishing love, and in particular dry fly fishing. I nearly always start a trout fishing day with a deer hair emerger on as a single fly. I find such a simple approach helps to focus things down to what is most important: stealthy approach, careful reading of the water and a deep appreciation of the joy to be found in wading a stream. We anglers are truly lucky to have found something so wonderful in fly fishing, and I try to remember this as often as I can.

In the trout season I go fishing as often as I can, which usually mean once or twice a week. I try to have at least one big trip every year. For the last couple of years I’ve been up to the far North of Scotland with my brother and family, and we’ve had an absolutely cracking time. You can read about those trips in my posts ‘The glory of North‘, ‘Cowboys rading the North‘ and ‘Northern Times Part 1: The Blurb‘.

One of my other passions is photography. I always carry a camera with me, and photograph anything and everything. I have a dream to make a living out of photography, but for the moment I work in academia. I try to use some of my best photographs on the blog here, so I hope you enjoy looking at them. There’s a small possibility that some of the photos may be availble to buy in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned for that..

Lastly, do head over to the Guestbook and leave a note to say where you’re from, and what you like for breakfast. If you’d like to contact me personally about anything to do with the blog, my equipment reviews or the meaning of life, the Contact page is the place to go. Have a good one.