There is nothing quite like a good fishing book. It can have a remarkable power to draw one inside, to envelope one’s mind in glorious fishy tales and provide rest from busy modern lives. On this page of Tamanawis I will list some of my favourite books, many of which are fishing related, and all of which have brought joy to my life. There are novels, philosophical musings, autobiographical works and the odd ‘instructional’ tome. I’ve provided links so you can click and buy any of them directly. Happy reading…

Fishy tales

Trout Madness, by Robert Traver

– I wrote about this book in the post “Literary Masters

Trout Bum, by John Gierach

– A classic book of fisherman’s tales, told like nobody else. Simply wonderful to read.


The River Why, by David James Duncan

– I wrote about this book…well, this website exists because of it.

Autobiographical tales

Isolation Shepherd, by Iain R. Thomson

– I wrote about this book in the post “Isolation Shepherd

Fishing (instruction and philosophy)

Trout Hunting, by Bob Wyatt

– I wrote about this book in the post “Bob’s your uncle

Nymph Fishing in Practice, by Oliver Kite

– I wrote about this book in the posts “Nymphing smymphing” and “Nymphing gadymphing (or part II)

The Loch Fisher’s Bible, by Stan Headly

– This book has had a mixed reception among stalwart loch anglers, but I personally found it very useful. It contains a huge amount of information, enough to digest over multiple seasons.

Hillwalking and Scotland

Scotland – The Wild Places, by Colin Prior

– I owe much to this wonderful book of photography. It truly inspired me to get out and see the hills. It contains some of my favourite pictures, of some of my favourite places. One simply cannot find purer, more beautiful images of Scotland. Unreservedly recommended.

The Munros: Scottish Mountaineering Club Hillwalker’s Guide, edited by Donald J. Bennet and Rab Anderson

– This is the classic book on the big mountains of Scotland, essential for any keen hillwalker. Wonderful images, highly informative text, it really does inspire.


What is it like to be a bat?, by Thomas Nagel

– I wrote about this paper in the post “For the sake of argument

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