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This is a bit of a long shot, but I’m due to be in Montreal/Toronto for a few days at the start of June for a conference, and I wondered if any readers of this blog had any suggestions for where/what I might fish for, should I get the chance? I always try to pack a 5 weight rod and some flies when I travel, but I know pretty much nothing about fishing in this part of the world. Any suggestions, contact me through this blog, or by email (mike AT I like river fishing but anything salmonid-related would be great… I’ll probably have a hire car and up to 2-3 days to travel..

Wow, two posts in one evening, a bit extreme I realise, but trust me it’s worth it.

A few months ago someone from the Media Trust contacted me via my thrilling Vimeo channel to ask if they could use some of my incredible, mind bending time lapse footage for the title sequence of an awesome new TV show thing. Having signed my videos and kidneys away I forgot all about it, until this evening the kind lady got in touch to ask for my kidney.


I also discovered that one of my sequences made it into the final edit. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the real kicker is that it’s separated in time from the appearance of The Wogan’s face by barely 5 seconds! Tamanawis and The Wogan, bonded like brothers and teaming up to promote, and I’m quoting now, “…the most inspiring stories from your communities … across the UK.” Seriously, check out the first 20 seconds of the latest episode, conveniently embedded below. Apparently these episodes go out on the Community Channel, but my lack of a TV makes verifying this a bit tricky.

Playing back the title sequence a few dozen times and in slow motion (I encourage you to do the same) I can even notice the distinctive camera wobble between some of the frames. Ah what fond memories of sitting there on the side of the Pentlands in a howling gale, desperately trying to give meaning to my life and hold the tripod steady. It was certainly worth it as I feel The Wogan and I will change lives with this. Look, the latest episode already has 134 views.

At this stage I can’t reveal whether The Wogan and Tamanawis will be again joining forces for any future charity work. However, I can confirm that my agent is pursuing several other possible projects involving celebrated TV personalities such as Michael Parkinson, The Hoff and wee Pat Nevin. I am open to other approaches, but must stress a preference for working with personalities whose names involve a The.

Well seeing as everyone else seems to be talking about it, I don’t want to feel left out. One of the largest fishing tackle mail order companies in the UK, fishtec, have done a nice thing and brought a little attention to a few of the UK-based fly fishing blogs with a post (on their own blog) called “Fly fishing blogs to be reckoned with“. It’s a really nice list.

7th on their list (I haven’t decided if order is important yet, probably is given that Alistair seems to be leading the pack, fearless blogging leader that he is) is Tamanawis. Thanks very much fishtec, it’s much appreciated.

However, while I am indeed thoroughly grateful for the kind words, I do have to question the logic behind pointing hopeful readers in the direction of a quiet, infrequently updated blog full of random photo posts (also known as filler), and clearly surviving on past glories (a la Sheffield Wednesday, my poor old team…) and with little hope of things looking up (for at least another 5 months). Still, nothing like a bit of mutual back scratching to get through a Thursday afternoon.

Time in Tamanawis land doesn’t run like it does on the rest of the planet. For example, while my posts may appear to have been sparse in recent months, in fact that’s simply a consequence of unsynchronised clocks. This means that the new blog layout I’ve been working on for the upcoming year has arrived a day early.

If you’re a Google Reader junkie, this obviously makes nae difference to your life. However, for the more refined folks who like to take in the magnificence that is the frontpage, I’ve changed the look a bit with a new theme. I’ve got rid of most side bar related junk, and tried to streamline things a bit. If you’re on a post page, such as here, you’ll get nice wee links at the top of the page to direct you to the previous and next posts. It’s also quicker to see the number of comments on posts, and the dates etc. I find it easier to look at, if not read.

Up at the top of every page there is now a nice navigation bar to help you get around the site quickly, to places like the gear reviews and favourite books pages. Joyous.

So, happy new (Tamanawis) year. Back on earth, happy new year on Thursday.

Well folks, as if writing insightful, humorous and curry-pumping blog posts wasn’t enough, there’s now a new and exciting Gallery page to behold. I’m hoping to greatly expand this section of the site in the coming months (with the tiniest possibility of offering some of them for sale as prints..) so watch oot.

At the moment there are six sections covering a wee selection of my photographs. Most of the photos won’t have appeared on the main blog either, so why not head over and check it out.

I’ve also updated the About page so you can learn all you need to know about your hard-working blogger. Have a great weekend.

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