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Time in Tamanawis land doesn’t run like it does on the rest of the planet. For example, while my posts may appear to have been sparse in recent months, in fact that’s simply a consequence of unsynchronised clocks. This means that the new blog layout I’ve been working on for the upcoming year has arrived a day early.

If you’re a Google Reader junkie, this obviously makes nae difference to your life. However, for the more refined folks who like to take in the magnificence that is the frontpage, I’ve changed the look a bit with a new theme. I’ve got rid of most side bar related junk, and tried to streamline things a bit. If you’re on a post page, such as here, you’ll get nice wee links at the top of the page to direct you to the previous and next posts. It’s also quicker to see the number of comments on posts, and the dates etc. I find it easier to look at, if not read.

Up at the top of every page there is now a nice navigation bar to help you get around the site quickly, to places like the gear reviews and favourite books pages. Joyous.

So, happy new (Tamanawis) year. Back on earth, happy new year on Thursday.

Well I was just about to post a glorious fishing story, full of wit, humour and wonderful insight. And then it happend. Windows. Absolute pile of flipping………”(£*^”£)(!
Crashed and I lost it all. That will teach me.. going to buy a Mac I think.. I’ll try and get the courage to have another go tomorrow..

Hi there,

I’ve just added a link to a guestbook over to the right there —>>

It would be grand if you stop by and let me know where you’re from and make any comments or whatever.


Well, it’s day two on the blog and still no visitors.. hmm this is going to be tricky. Perhaps what I need is incentive.. naked fishing ladies would be a start. I’ll get searching.