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Well, the new site at seems to be working. I’ve updated the old site here on Blogger so that all traffic is now forwarded on to the new domain. If you ever read this blog through an RSS reader like Google Reader or suchlike, you’ll need to update your feeds to the new one which is at:

If you’re reading through the web, well you’ll be treated to an hell of a lot of wierd shit as I update the look over the next few weeks and make things hyper-sweet.


Thanks to everyone who visited my blog here at Blogger. It was a lot of fun, and I hope things will get even better over on the new domain (by the way it’s at in case you didn’t notice…) Please stay tuned, it’s great to have you on board.

Over and out.

More power

Well folks, I’ve taken the plunge and bought up the domain ‘’. This means that the blog can be read from both the old ‘blogger’ address, and by going to either ‘’ or just ‘’. It’s all tremendously exciting, and is almost certain to accelerate the quality of the content 1000 fold, so stay tuned.

It won’t, of course, change the fact that my blog is titled somewhat ridiculously with a word that doesn’t exist and that nobody can remember. However, old habits die hard.

Have a nice weekend,

Back to the city last night. Rows of flats and concrete roads, no horizon and gazillions of people. Modern life is rubbish. Reports of glory to follow..



In better news, The Stand of Majesty has made it into the national fishing press here in the UK. Trout Fisherman have published a short piece on my closed-season-frustration-fueled creation in their September edition. If you are reading this blog having seen the article, welcome 🙂 In the world of Tamanawis, sheep run the city council and we regularly speak about the size of our rods. If you stick around long enough you’re almost guaranteed to become a better fly angler, and you’ll smell better too.

And lastly, it looks like the 10,000 unique visits milestone is fast approaching. You have come from far (New Zealand) and wide (Canada) to read my mutterings, so thanks for dropping by everyone. If you happen to be number 10,000 you will automatically qualify to enter a draw to buy me some new tackle. Or a curry.

Today I prefer curry.

My pal Alistair sent me a message a couple of days ago instructing me, at pain of no new fishing gear for a whole year, to take the batton of personal discovery and post 5 things about myself. Apparently it’s all part of a the lastest ‘discover your blogger’ incentive, as encouraged by the Dali Lama Himself. I’ve heard Hulk Hogan is getting involved as well so there’s really no reason not to take part.


  1. I like curry. Rogan josh is a favourite. It needs to be made with fresh tomatos, and if done right is just sensational. There’s a cracking curry place in Edinburgh known only to special folks who frequent it with religious vigour. I’d tell you but would then have to kill you with a giant chilli pepper (hint: it’s in Nicholson Square).
  2. I live in Scotland now, and half of my ancestry are Scottish, but I wasn’t born here, and in fact grew up in the far East. Maybe this is why I seem to appreciate the glory of trout fishing as much as anyone (though I secretly feel more..). The other half of my family are from the wonders of Manchester (in fact Oldham, even better). You decide which of these places I spend most time blubbering on about.
  3. My favourite film is Blade Runner (the flaming DIRECTOR’S CUT that is..) Never seen anything like it, never will. It’s seriously champion. While on this theme, my favourite band is Radiohead. Ok Computer is certainly the best album I own. My fave book might just be The River Why? The answer is the name of this blog of course 😉
  4. Despite clearly overloading number 3) above, factoid number 4) is that I think breakfast is important. A good bowl of fruit and fibre, a couple of THICK slices of brown toast liberally coated in chocolate spread and homemade jam is a classic. People, don’t buy pre-sliced bread. Despite what people say sliced bread simply isn’t the best thing since whatever the best thing used to be. It’s anemic and possibly from the devil himself. You want good bread, it’s important.
  5. I’m giving serious thought to becomming a trout bum (for a couple of years at least) when my current tenure as a ‘scientist’ (haha) is over. You only live once (generally accepted by most upstanding biologists, I’m lead to belive) and the word ‘priorities’ seems to have been flashing loud and clear in bright green letters the front of my conciousness of late. I’ve made ‘trout bum’ sound like a job description, which is rediculous and far too specific. Generally bumming around and fishing a lot is probably a better decription.

Well well, that was fun. You three blog readers out there now know what’s important about Mr Tamanawis, and can adjust your expectations accordingly. Have a nice day folks.


Post script: I just realised I’m supposed to pass this flaming batton of joy onwards to more bloggers. I will update folks here as I make friends with them (I don’t know that many bloggers…)

Ok folks, you’ve got to check this out. Nearly wet myself just now as I checked some of the referring links to my blog this week. Turns out, one of my posts is *NUMBER 1* in google when you search for ‘butt rotation fly casting‘. Yes, you heard me right: *NUMBER 1*. (Do I need to say that again?). Late butt rotation is of course one of the corner stones of good loops, so there’s no way to belittle the significance of this search phrase. In fact it may be the most important thing in not just flycasting but peace and love in the entire known universe. At the time I thought I was just making a typical post about my crappy casting. Little did I know what a phenomenon would ensue.

The best bit though, is that the bastion of fly casting knowledge, the place where the best of the best hang out, yes of course I mean Sexyloops, can only manage second place. This is possibly the most exciting thing that’s happened in blogland for old Tamanawis, at least since the crucial 1000 visits landmark was past. Personally, I don’t remember feeling this excited since 6.45am this morning when I sunk my teeth into a cracking slice of toast covered in chocolate spread. Tasty folks, tasty!

Almost as good is that searching for ‘Hare’s Mask Fly Tying‘ gets a link to another post of mine about making your own dubbing mixes from a hare’s mask. Holy shit folks, this is deep.

In recognition of my own recognition of google’s recognition of this blog, I’ve now created a Special Category called The Phenomenon which, from this moment on (oh Shania), will archive all the bigups we receive here at Tamanawis. It might be a short list, but it’s still a flaming list.

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